WeDSC_2139 all have fears, but the way we handle them differs. The combination of these fears with either having control, thinking of having control or loss of control, is what fascinates me.
I’m searching for the moment where control and the loss of it are colliding: the imbalance, disruption.

My works reflect the duality; the interaction of the inner world (mental and physical) and the outer world (physical and material). The first is more the intangible world of fears, urges and fantasy, the second more the ‘what you see is what you get’, harsh, tough reality. All works containing the message ‘face your fears’, life is too short.

The images I create explore and investigate me and the world around me. I put myself in (physically) uncomfortable locations and situations, during times of (personal) imbalance continuing the creative process as I see fit.



2016: Unframed | Graduation Exhibition | Roest Amsterdam | 27 t/m 29 may

2016: Slotevaart | Senior Friendly | Amsterdam NL | NoMo | ongoing

2015: AVL / “Almost Famous”/Amsterdam/NoMo

2015: WG Kunst “Stadsgezichten” / Amsterdam NL / groep

2014: MC Zuiderzee / Lelystad NL / groep

2014: West Fries Gasthuis / Hoorn NL / groep

2013: Slotervaart Ziekenhuis “Slotervaart in beweging”/ Amsterdam NL / groep

2013: Fotogram / Amsterdam NL / groep


2012: Nominatie Fotoacademie Award